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Consistent with our mission to provide results driven guidance to meet mission critical business needs Linda is available to support presentations and panel programs at trade shows, conferences, courses, vertical industry meetings, and webinars.

A sampling of speaking topics include: Leveraging Technology in Communication, Digital Content Best Practices, The Integration of Technology in Communication, Reignite Your Strategic Plan, and a variety of motivational programs targeting business development, growth, intellectual property, and more



Past Presentations include: 


Parallel Technologies
Eden Prairie, MN - 5/15/2011

Dynamic Digital Signage Trends and Content Best Practices

Lunch and Learn with Linda Hofflander as she shares insights and techniques for launching a successful digital network and its content.  Key takeaways: Identify key trends in place-based digital signage/screen media, Learn the Top 10 Rules of Content, Identify hidden content costs prior to budgeting and deployment.


International Signage Expo
Convention Center
Orlando, FL - 3/24/2011

The Business Side of Dynamic Digial Signage

Setting the unique objectives central to each digital signage system and clarifying how the installed system will be evaluated upon completion of the project.  Examine ROI and ROO and provide an understanding of the difference between hard dollar and soft dollar ROI.  


CISCO and Qoncert
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Headquarters
Tampa FL - 3/20/2011

Dynamic Digital Signage Trends and Best Practices 

Lessons for sustainable success.  As the planning, operation, and use of dynamic, place-based digital signage has matured, high value is being provided to communicators and marketers in places where people shop, visit, wait, gather, move, work, and study.  Join Linda and a panel of DM experts as they explore and share their knowledge. 


DSE 2012 

Las Vegas Convention Cetner
Las Vegas, NC - 3/7/2012

Emerging Digital Screen Media Trends 

Exploring key busines trends, technology innovations, and consumer buying patterns and behaviors.  A close look at shifting trends on the back-end (technology), the middle (business), and the front-end (consumers)  


DSE Fall Forum

Hyatt Mission Bay Resort
San Diego, CA - 9/19/2011

Digital Dreams. Budget Reality.

Determining your digital signage deployment readiness.  A drill down into the total cost of ownership associated with a digital deployment.


NAC/IAAM Annual Conference and Trade Show
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX - 07/26/2010

Legal Issues Facing the Food & Beverage Industry
Menu labeling, trans fats, taxes, obesity issues and a host of other legislative matters may impact your food and beverage operation.  The presentation discusses current, future and pending issues and what they mean to your foodservice business, with questions welcomed from attendees.

IRDC (International Retail Design Conference)
Dallas, TX - 09/24/2009

Digital Signage: Promoting Products and Services while Reflecting State-of-the-Art Brand Values

DisplaySearch Digital Signage Conference
San Jose, CA - 09/01/2009

Pixels Beat Paper: One ROI viewpoint from a Software Solutions Provider 

Las Vegas, NV - 03/01/2009

Challenging the Retail Challenge 
Aligning the value of digital signage with the retail challenges found in a down economy. 

Digital Signage Expo (DSE)
East Philadelphia, PA
- 09/01/2008
Proof of Play - Digital Signage Measuring 
Learn more about digital signage proof of play reports and third-party audits.  Discover the primary drivers behind reporting and auditing programming and play-list loops.  Accountability of OOH video advertising audits via your digital signage provider and/or a third party audit eliminates the guesswork when linking proof of play reports to impression counts and sales conversion numbers in retail. 

Linda Hofflander Cisco/Qoncert Event
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Headquarters, Tampa FL 
Linda Hofflander
Session 53: Architecture in Digital Signage


Digital Media and Technology Subjects
* Advertising  
* Content Creation 
* Content Management  
* Interactivity 
* Service 
* Software 
* Strategy

Vertical Industries
* Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) / Fast Casual /  Managed Food Services
* Retail

* Healthcare

* Education   
* Financial/Banking   
* Hospitality 
* Transportation  


Project Management
* Justification 
* ROI Measurement 
* Planning 
* Training 
* System Management 
* Implementation 
* Post-Installation Evaluation


 Industry Outlook, Trends and Statistics
* General Trends 
* Specific Vertical Trends 
* Specific Technology Trends 
* Successes and Failures 
* Forecasts