HolograFX eye-mazing technology

3D Holographic Projection System - HolograFX is an emerging technology that allows your display to stand out from others by projecting a fully animated character, logo, or product that actually "floats in mid-air", providing a memorable experience for consumers – young and old alike. This patent-protected digital media technology offers a true "free floating” 3D hologram that doesn't require special glasses to view, while providing the option for a fun interactive based touch technology that changes the animation content instantly when consumers can't resist the urge to touch your hologram. 

The Handa Group is an authorized dealer of this eye-catching, people-stopping medium perfect for consumers or businesses who want to add a memorable "WOW" factor to their marketing, advertising, point of purchase, kiosks, special events or promotions. Animated, video, live or still images can be used in either a presentation or interactive "touch format"...its only limits are your imagination.

Customized 3D holographic projection systems and holograms of animated characters, products, and logos have been created for high profile companies such as Pepsi, Kellogg's, Adidas, Fuji Film, VH1 and NASA.

seeing is believing

Images float in mid-air.  HolograFX is a public spaces show stopper and must be viewed live to truly appreciate this remarkable advertising and promotional opportunity.


“It knocked my socks off when I saw it.”                       
      - Ray Katz, Casino International Magazine
“We deployed 2 HFX projection systems at the Frankfurt Airport during World Cup, and people really did stop in their tracks!" 
     - Wilhelm Krog, Managing Director AD OUTPOST
“Consumers walk into our store and simply say ‘WOW’!” 
     - Roger Dreyer, CEO, Fantasma Magic, NYC
“Your technology was amazing and lent a very cutting-edge, futuristic feel to our booth at DDW!” 
     - Ann Marie Connolly-Garcia, PENTAX Medical Company
“HolograFX’s unique technology created an ongoing excitement and high-end image that we were looking for when we opened our new flagship store in Santiago, Chile.” 
     - Francisco Thelmudo, Ripley’s Department Stores

“Pontiac chose HolograFX’s new patented technology for its unique ability to attact attention and create brand awareness.” 
     - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Release Party, NYC