Q: Who is responsible for installation, service and support?

A: The Handa Group will install, service and provide ongoing support.

Q: Does the technology work in all lighting environments?

A: HolograFX technology can be operated in any indoor lighted venue – even in brightly lit environments. It can also be very effective in select store windows.

Q: Can the technology be rented or is a purchase required?

A: All three imaging sizes of the HolograFX systems can be rented or purchased. We offer event rental agreements in the form of daily, weekly, monthly or annual.  Our fully trained 3D animators can work with your creative department to design your customized 3D graphic content that will be projected and displayed in mid-air.  The costs for animation and external cosmetic enhancements are additional.

Q: Are there any technical limitations to this advertising medium?

A: Location/placement of the HolograFX display is important due to viewing angle limitations.  The field of vision is approximately 60 degrees.

Q: Can sound be part of the HolograFX experience?

A: All of our installations include sound. We can also provide high tech solutions including directional sound, which focuses sound to specific areas.

Q: What types of images can be used?

A: Our team of creative 3D animators can take your products, logo, live video or any image, and bring it to life in mid-air.  We can also create animated characters to be your “spokesperson.”

Q: Is this technology interactive?

A: Based upon your marketing needs, our animations can be in a straight presentation format or an interactive format using either infrared technology or real-time video conferencing technology.

With the infrared technology, when the floating image is touched, something unusual can be programmed to occur – either a special effect, a change to a different section of the presentation, a sound effect, etc.  At the same time the image is being touched we can also compile a database of when, where and for how long the display was interacted with at its location.

When using the video conferencing software, we are able to have one of our floating characters actually have a one-on-one conversation with the viewer!  In all cases, the experience is truly magical.

Q: How easy is it to change images and how are the images delivered?

A: A small computer is used to store and play 3C images and video. It supports network content delivery via an internet connection or can be uploaded by utilizing our encoded CD-ROM.

Q: What services does The Handa Group provide its clients?

A: 3D animation, digital content delivery, sound systems, interactive technologies, video production, image management, kiosk production, on-site service & support, display design and manufacturing.

Q: Who provides the cosmetics for the kiosk/display unit?

A: We can fabricate a customized kiosk or display unit to enhance the branding and/or marketing potential of your product, or you can provide the display unit based upon our specifications to house and properly display your holographic animation.

(See the HolograFX specification sheet for equipment details.)

Q: How can I receive a demonstration?

A:  By contacting us at info@thehandagroup.com or 952.201.3248, we will gladly set-up a personal demonstration for you conducted in one of our demonstration facilities in Beverly Hills, CA; Cave Creek, Arizona, or Tampa, FL or on-site at your office or location.