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An entrepreneur at heart my mind is operates like a well oiled machine.  Running solutions scenarios and models quickly to determine not only the recommend start model, but models to course correct in the event initial assumptions prove out wrong.  Having worked in senior positions at start-ups, small, mid-sized and large organizations such as Samsung. I always thrived in positions requiring smart, quick, and goal oriented results.  I am happy every day and have yet to find a situation in which improvement was just a matter of stretching just a little bit further than the others.

My value as a consultant stems from my exposure to multiple industries, technologies, and stages of company growth.  My past work includes hardware, software, services and consulting  in Business, Technology, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing

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Providing actionable support to executive leaders and small business owners on: all aspects of change leadership - vision, strategy, and planning, sponsorship and governance, team and organization alignment, leadership development and coaching, organization design and effectiveness, communication, employee engagement, talent assessment/development and team effectiveness.  Engineering and Manufacturing support.

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